Dima Damen

Associate Professor (Reader) at the Department of Computer Science,
Visual Information Laboratory, University of Bristol


(2018) Egocentric vision - BMVA Summer School 2018, Norwich, UK: slides

(2017) Egocentric vision - BMVA Summer School 2017, Lincoln, UK: slides

(2012) Markov Chain Monte Carlo Tutorial: slides | MCMC Matlab Demo | MCMC Matlab Demo README | Perron-Frobenius Theorem Matlab Code | Perron-Frobenius Code ReadMe


Challenges and Opportunities for Action and Activity Recognition using RGBD Data, BMVA technical meeting: Analysis and Processing of RGBD Data (Mar 2017)

You-Do, I-Learn, BMVC (2014)

Activity Analysis: Finding Explanations for Sets of Events, Berkeley (2010)

Linking Uncertain Events - Searching the space of globally feasible explanations, CMP (2009)

Bicycle Theft Detection - Motivation and Prototype, 2008

Other Talks:

Machine Learning Saves Computer Vision - First year students talk (2014)

Tips from an ex-PhD student (2011)