Dima Damen

Professor of Computer Vision, Department of Computer Science,
Lead of Machine Learning and Computer Vision Group, University of Bristol

EPSRC Early Career Fellow (2020-2025)


Ego4D: 3,025 hours of egocentric video captured in 74 cities in 9 countries by 855 participants - a consortium of 13 universities in partnership with Facebook AI Research https://ego4d-data.org/ **Data available end of Nov 2021**


EPIC-KITCHENS: 20M Frames, full HD, head-mounted, 45 kitchens from 4 cities (in North America and Europe). FULLY annotate.
Dataset from: http://epic-kitchens.github.io

The dataset is the first of its kind, in size, annotations, diversity and unscripted nature of its collection. It is accompanied by challenge leaderboards to allow comparative evaluation of methods on 6 benchmarks. Since its first-version release in 2018, the dataset has: 2.4K unique downloads from 54 countries (most downloaded dataset from UoB data.bris), 1.5K submissions to challenge leaderboards (by May 2021), 410 peer-reviewed citations.

Published Datasets

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