Simply Logical

Intelligent Reasoning by Example

by Peter Flach, then at Tilburg University, the Netherlands
John Wiley 1994, xvi + 240 pages, ISBN 0471 94152 2
Reprinted: December 1994, July 1998.

This page is obsolete. Check out the interactive online version at!

This book is no longer available through John Wiley publishers. You can download a free PDF copy here.
The PDF copy has a small number of discrepancies with the print version, including
  • different page numbers from Part III (p.129)
  • certain mathematical symbols are not displayed correctly, including
    • ⊢ displayed as |
    • ⊬ displayed as |;/
    • ⊨ displayed as =
    • ⊭ displayed as =;/
  • the index is currently missing

Last change: 2nd October, 2007.