The following minor errors have all been corrected in the December 1994 reprint:
the variable Pos in the definition of goal/2 should read LastMove, and eval/2 should be defined as eval(m(P,Pos,C),Value):-bLeftOfw(Pos,Value);
p.121, bottom:
the query should be ?-tiles(M,C) rather than ?-tiles([b,b,b,e,w,w,w],M,C);
p.175, top:
"Note that this atom theta-subsumes every other possible generalisation..." -- this should be "is theta-subsumed by...";
p.219, answer to excercise 3.3:
"adding a cut at the end of the second clause has no effect, while placing it just before the literal student_of(S,T) will only prune the answer..." -- this is actually just the other way around (the bottom-right figure is also wrong).

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