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  BriCS: The Bristol Cloud Service simulation runner
  SaaS for running simulation models in the cloud


Download latest version of BriCS from the BriCS project page hosted on SourceForge.

The Bristol Cloud Service simulation runner is a cloud computing Software as a Service designed to enable users to quickly launch simulation code on AWS' Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). BRiCS is written in Python using the Django framework and interacts with EC2 using the boto API.

BriCS enables multiple simulation models to be launched in parallel from a web browser. Model configuration (parameters) files are uploaded via the browser and results files are downloadable on completion. BriCS enables researchers to easily access the rapid scale out opportunities of the cloud.

Why wait days or weeks for a series of simulation trials to complete when you can run them in parallel in the time it takes to complete one?

Figure: BriCS screenshot - web dashboard for configuring and launching simulation models.


The following documentation is designed to help users and developers quickly get started using BriCS: For further help and information, the following third-party tutorials and user guides are also recommended:

Download and Subversion Repository:

BriCS is hosted on SourceForge. For all downloads, follow the link to the BriCS project webpage.


BriCS is an open-source collaborative project. Its development has been supported by funding from EPSRC's LSCITS initiative. A special acknowledgement goes to Amir Chohan, who was responsible for a lot of BriCS development work during his LSCITS' summer internship, 2012.

If you would like to get involved in the development of BriCS, please contact John Cartlidge at the University of Bristol.

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