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Advice on learning and research

This is a collection of resources written by me, or things by others I found interesting, on subjects such as how to write, how to do a literature review, how to plan a report or dissertation, how to avoid plagiarism and how to do research. In some cases there are local copies of external documents which have disappeared, or in case they disappear, but if the external versions are updated the local copies will be out of date.

Sylvia Miksch [local copy July 2009] has a similar page.

Tips for students at all levels

The "How-to" lecture series

Tips on writing by Tim Kovacs

Writing papers and theses

Books on writing

Philosophy of Science and Education

Tools for literature searches

For those doing research

The quality of conferences, journals and books

I think quality is everything in education and research. Many very weak students get degrees, conferences have published computer-generated nonsense papers, and some publishers focus on publishing books of little or no value. So the fact that someone has a degree or has published a book tells you nothing about quality.

Students and researchers must know which conferences and journals in their area are highly regarded and which are not worth their time. Rankings and statistics such as those below can be useful.

Public communication of science

Writing software to run experiments

Principles for web publishing


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