Please contact me for a copy of my papers, if you cannot access them online, Dejanira (dot) Araizaillan (at) bristol (dot) ac (dot) uk.

Accepted and published:

J. Morse, D. Araiza-Illan, J. Lawry, A. Richards and K. Eder. "A Fuzzy Approach to Qualification in Design Exploration for Autonomous Robots and Systems". (To appear) International Conference on Fuzzy Systems (FUZZY-IEEE) 2017. arXiv:1606.01077

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Under review:

M. Webster, D. Western, D. Araiza-Illan, C. Dixon, K. Eder, M. Fisher, A.G. Pipe. An Assurance-based Approach to Verification and Validation of Human-Robot Teams. arXiv:1608.07403

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