*COMSM4111 Robotic Systems (lecturer, unit director) *NEW* from 2010-11
*COMSM1302 Overview of Computer Architecture (lecturer, unit director)
*COMSM2100 Project Specification and Design, Advanced MS52/3/4/5 (unit director)
*COMSM3100 MSc Advanced Project MS52/3/4/5 (unit director)
*COMSM12303 Origins of Computer Science (one guest lecture). Slides from talk on Robotics and CS available here

Previous Units

*COMS12200 Introduction to Computer Architecture (lecturer 2005-2010)


*Widening participation through robotics link
*Summer School robotics for kids link

4thy, 3rdy and MSc Projects

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Individual Supervision

Research Assistants:

* Oli Cooper


* Andrew Gee, in progress
* Tim Milstead, in progress
* Pished Bunnun, in progress
* Anthony R. Buck, in progress
* Sudeep Sundaram, in progress
* Mosalam Ebrahimi, in progress

Supervised 3rdy Theses:

* J. Richards, Feature Based Facial Recognition with On-line Database. 2008.
* S. R. Shepherd, Optimizing Web Image Search Using Vision Alone. 2008. (First Class Mark)
* L. Atkins, Hand tracking in real time. 2008. (First Class Mark)
* C. Blanchard, Implementation of an online eye-tracker. 2008.
* M. King, Real time interaction between a human and a robotic dog. 2007.(First Class Mark, Best Poster Prize II)
* J. Burghes, Colour fiducial detection for Augmented Reality systems. 2007.
* J.A.W. Cater, Photo mosaicing with google images. 2007. (Best Poster Prize II)
* A. White, Real time facial expression recognition. 2007. (Best Poster Prize I)
* K. Ismail, Classification of art. 2006.

Supervised 4thy MEng Theses:

* T. Wilcox, Mobile robot navigation using a particle filter. 2008.
* A. Osmond, Personal positioning using computer vision alone. 2007.
* A. Laurie-Pile, A real-time camera tracking system. 2007. (First Class Mark)
* C.F. Lewis, Hand gesture recognition as an interface to illustration software. 2006. (First Class Mark)
* T.C.W. Hardy, Automation of Avionic Display System Testing using Computer Vision. 2006. (First Class Mark)
* A. Pitkin, Recovering Articulated Motion From Video With a View to 3D Skeleton Matching. 2005. (First Class Mark)
* R. Hutchings, Building Recognition Service for Mobile Devices. 2005. (First Class Mark)

Supervised MSc Theses in Global Computing/Internet Technologies:

* B. Gonzalez Del Valle, Visual image filter & search for online images. 2007.
* M. Khan, 3D mouse using mobile technology. 2007.
* V. Ponnuthurai, HCI recognition of sound on wearable/desktop computers. 2007.
* A. Tofallis, Real-time interaction between a human and a virtual character. 2006.
* J. Zhao, Recognizing hand activity from wearable cameras. 2006.
* J. Zhao-Chang, Rough Localization from Images. 2006.
* H. Yan, Robust real-time hand and object detection from wearable cameras. 2006.
* A. Faudzi,  Recognizing Hand Activity from Wearable Camera. 2005.
* X. Ding, Use of Hand Motions from Wearable Cameras for Real-Time Interactivity. 2005.
* F. Bingxu, Context Recognition from Audio Signatures. 2005.
* F. Germain, Edge-based Techniques  for Video texture Detection. 2005. (First Class Mark) (co-supervised with P. Cheatle, HPLabs)
* Y. Su, Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping for an Ultrasonic Positioning System. 2005. (First Class Mark, Best Poster Prize and an MSc Prize)
* L. Shu, Filtering Results from Image Searches. 2005.

Supervised MSc Theses in Computer Science:

* C. Evans, OpenSURF Library. 2008. (First Class Mark and Computer Vision Prize)
* A. Piebalga, Mobile Robot Navigation Using Computer Vision. 2008. (First Class Mark and Comuter Visio Prize)
* X. Wang, Content Based Image Retrieval. 2007.(First Class Mark)
* K.K. Chung, Navigation aid using computer vision on a mobile phone. 2007.
* W. Liu, Tracking gaze from a wearable camera. 2007.
* S. Goodway, Automatic Classification of Artistic Style. 2006.(First Class Mark, Best Poster Prize and 1st Place MSc Computer Vision Prize)
* X. Wang, A SIFT Tool. 2006. (First Class Mark)(co-supervision with M.Mirmehdi)
* Z. Deng, Detecting Hand Gestures in Mobile and Cluttered Situations. 2006.
* M. Shinya, Real-time text detection with Wearable Active Vision. 2005. (First Class Mark)(co-supervision with M.Mirmehdi)
* D. Spencer, Real-time Image Processing Using FPGAs. 2005. (First Class Mark) (co-supervised with J. Nuñez-Yañez, EE Bristol)

Supervised MSc Theses in Machine Learning:

* C. YunYun, Generating image datasets from the WWW. 2006. (co-supervision with P. Flach)

Supervised Masters Theses outside Bristol
* G. Carrera-Mendoza, Seguimiento de objetos con el uso de caracteristicas locales invariantes a escala y rotacion. UNAM, 2007.(with honours)(co-supervised with J. Savage-Carmona)