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Prof. Walterio W. Mayol-Cuevas

(Full) Professor in Robotics, Computer Vision and Mobile Systems
Department of Computer Science
Merchant Venturers Building
University of  Bristol,
Woodland Road BS8 1UB
United Kingdom

Room 3.18 MVB
Tel: (44 or  0)  117 9545128
Fax: (44 or 0 ) 117 9545208

wmayol *at* cs. bris. ac. uk

Walterio Mayol
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Current RAs and PhD Students:

Ramon Izquierdo-Cordova PhD.
Yao Lu PhD.
Yanan Liu PhD
Abel Pacheco Ortega PhD
Shijia Feng PhD

Previous PhD students and Post Docs:

Andrew Gee (PhD and RA, now at Qualcomm Research Vienna).
Dima Damen(RA, now Lecturer at Bristol).
Tim Milstead (PhD, own IT business).
Pished Bunnun (PhD, now at Nectec).
Mosalam Ebrahimi (PhD, now Post Doc at UCLA).
Sudeep Sundaram (PhD, now at HawkEye/Sony).
Irwandi Hipiny (PhD, now Lecturer at UNIMAS).
Alan Torres-Gomez (MRes, now at Magic Leap).
John Bartholomew (Now at Google UK).
Anthony Glynn.
Teesid Leelasawassuk (PhD, Now at NECTEC) PhD,
Hongping Cai (Now Lecturer Exeter, co-sup with Dima Damen)
Shuda Li (Now RA at Oxford, co-sup with A Calway) RA
Austin Gregg-Smith (PhD, Now at Dyson Robotics Research Group)
Jose Martinez-Carranza (RA, Now Royal Society Newton Advanced Research Fellow: at INAOE)
Luis Angel Contreras-Toledo (PhD, then Post Doc in Japan)
Laurie Bose (RA now in startup)
Youngkyoon Jang (RA, now RA at Imperial College)
Eduardo Ruiz-Libreros (PhD, then UK Industry)
Davide Moltisanti (co-sup with Dima Damen) (PhD, now Research Fellow Nanyang Technological University)
Michael Wray (co-sup with Dima Damen) ( PhD, then RA at Bristol)
Miguel Lagunes-Fortiz (PhD, then UK Industry)
Hazel Doughty (Co-supervised with Dima Damen) (PhD then RA Univ of Amsterdam)
Janis Stolzenwald (PhD then Technology Consultant, Germany)


  • Current and previous Research Projects
  • Link to Papers
  • Personal Robotics and Perception
  • Real Time Vision Group


  • Website of EPSRC project AGILE is here . In AGILE we develop not only new vision sensors but also new vision algoritms and control integration with pixel processor arrays.

  • New 4-year EPSRC project grant GLANCE, on Glanceable guidance and understanding from egocentric cameras together with Experimental Psychology at Bristol. One of the RA positions available to apply here .

  • I am honoured to be General Chair for the 15th IEEE ISMAR 2016 conference, the longest running and top academic venue for research in Augmented Reality. Deadline for papers is 15th March 2016. We are hosting it for the first time in Latin America, at the beautiful and culture rich city of Merida in the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico.

  • New 4-year EPSRC project grant AGILE with Manchester University on computer vision algorithms for novel vision sensors.

  • An article in The Economist , and in their Babbage Radio show, talk about our research in Handheld Robotics. Other coverage incliding IEEE Spectrum's article can be found in the Press page for the handheldrobotics.org page.

  • We have released the design and 3D CAD models of our first Cognitive Handheld Robot prototype. The design is offered as an open Robotics platform and available at www.handheldrobotics.org .

  • We got two ICRA papers with 3 award nominations each. One for the Best Cognitive Robotics award for the first paper on the Cognitive Handheld Robot Project . And another for the Best Robot Vision paper as a result of the nice collaboration with colleagues from the University of Zaragoza, Daniel Gutierrez-Gomez and Josechu Guerrero.
    Overall got three papers accepted at ICRA 2015.

  • During 2013-14 multiple grants and projects were awarded and or completed. These include the internationally competitive Samsung-Global Research Outreach award for work on Wearable Vision, the project SmartBoomerang funded by the Technology Strategy Board on teach-and-repeat for industrial inspection with UAVs and a DSTL project on visual navigation for UAVs in GPS-denied environments.

  • Been honoured to be asked to be Program Chair for ISMAR (Europe region) in coordination with Chris Sandor (Asia) and Rob Lindeman (Americas). Ismar is -the- main venue for Augmented Reality which sits at the intersection of Computer Vision and Graphics. ISMAR 2015 website.

  • Together with Nick Hockings from Bath, I am helping to organize a BMVA meeting on Vision for Language and Manipulation.
    A Robot that has percception but no action and does not goes about changing things in the world will not be a very interesting robot. This meeting aims to look at work that makes that link. It will be in London on Friday 11th July, 2014. Deadline for abstracts April 3rd .

  • Egocentric Vision Workshop at CVPR2014 Deadline April 1st .

  • Will be helping out as Area chair again for the IEEE Int Symposium of Werable Computers (ISWC). Deadline April 4th, 2014 .

  • Will be also helping out as Area chair for the IEEE Int Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality (ISMAR). Deadline March 25th, 2014.

  • I was one of the general chairs for BMVC 2013 held in Bristol. BMVC is one of the most established, longest-running, high quality computer vision conferences around. It is also extremely affordable in a world of outrageous registration rates which makes it also a very academic-centric venue. We hope you enjoyed being here!

  • A press release about our real-time visual SLAM applied to Samsung's Roboray humanoid robot is available here.

  • March 2013 New Robotics MSc. I redesigned our joint MSc in Robotics which is now aimed to support students from various backgrounds in Engineering, Physics and Maths. I am looking forward to supervise MSc projects there. Have a look at the programme here. The application deadline is August 31st.

  • We have released the code for our texture-less object detector. Page here .

  • Feb 2013: It was great giving an invited seminar in the prestigious Augmented Reality series organized by Qualcomm Research Vienna where extremely fine work (and fine people) is doing very cool things. They are behind Vuforia which is a good fast library for AR on mobiles.

  • Been honoured by been asked to give a keynote at WARM 2013. WARM is a very interesting long running event in the Augmented Reality calendar. Its intended to converge key research experts in AR, ubiquitous computing and computer graphics in an evironment that encourages open discussion of new ideas and concepts. It also accepts submissions with a deadline of 15th January 2013.

  • My recent collaboration with Abhijit Karnik and Sriram Subramanian from the Bristol Interaction Group has developed some display technology for multi user see-through glass Augmented Reality.
    A paper on the work will appear in CHI 2012 and has been awarded Best Paper Honorable Mention. A video is available here.

  • EU Project COGNITO For the automatic description of manual workflow from wearable sensing. With partners: DFKI, Univ of Leeds, UTC/CNRS, Trivisio GmbH, CCG and SmartFactory KL.

  • Workshop: Augmented Reality Super Models As part of ISMAR 2010, Wednesday 13th of October. Deadline: September 6, 2010.

  • *After a couple of years in the making, GazeMap was released in October 2009. This is a commercial software of ASL where my work on robust visual description and mapping with Denis Chekhlov and Andrew Calway is used. This software serves to position gaze in 3D and significantly simplifies the analysis of gaze-object interactions which is useful in a range of human studies (Psychology, user interfaces and even market research!). A combination of SLAM techniques and gaze tracking.

  • HP Labs Innovation Research Award 2008.
    I have been fortunate enough to be leading a project for one of these competitive awards.

  • New paper on Discovering Higher Level Structure to appear in the upcoming IEEE Trans on Robotics special issue on Visual SLAM..
    Work done with my colleagues Andrew Gee, Denis Chekhlov and Andrew Calway

  • Real-time Vision group to lead 1.4M pounds project on interactive annotation and mapping 2 RA posts available see more information here.

  • A brief article in NewScientist about my work on wearable active vision.

  • Outreach: robotics for kids 2008 event.

  • My DPhil Thesis: Wearable Visual Robots, from June 2005, describes my work on wearable active vision.

    Recent Tutorials:

  • Invited Tutorial lecture on 3D Mapping and localisation techniques using computer vision as part of the International INIT Autumn School on 3D Imaging Technologies. Benicassim, Spain, October 3-7, 2011.

  • Tutorial on Real-time Computer Vision for Humanoid localisation and Mapping on the 7th of December 2009 as part of IEEE Humanoids Conference in Paris. Speakers: Andrew Davison (Imperial College), Andrew Calway (Univ of Bristol), Olivier Stasse (AIST/ISRI) and Walterio Mayol-Cuevas (Univ of Bristol).

  • IEEE IROS 2008. Invited Tutorial on Vision for Robotics.
    Speakers: Adrien Bartoli, Selim Benhimane, Andrew Comport, Kurt Konolige, Vincent Lepetit, Philippe Martinet and Walterio Mayol-Cuevas.

  • Invited British Machine Vision Conference BMVC 2007 Tutorial on Visual SLAM. Slides and Description.
    Speakers: Andrew Davison, Andrew Calway and Walterio Mayol.

  • IEEE Int. Symposium on Wearable Computers (ISWC). Osaka Japan, October 2005. Computer Vision for Wearable Visual Interface (Slides) .
    Speakers: Walterio Mayol and Takeshi Kurata.