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The following is a collection of projects that I'm keen for bright, hard-working students to work on with me. I haven't made these up for the sake of something to do - I'm genuinely interested in getting all of these done, and the results matter.

My areas of research include:

As you might imagine the projects I'm proposing focus in these areas. Also, my industry background means I tend towards projects in collaboration with industry, so many of the projects below have opportunities for internships which can be great learning experiences and can strengthen your C.V.

Some of these projects may be more suitable for Masters-level students, whereas others will be better for undergraduates. If you are interested in any of these, please get in touch to discuss further.


  • Many-core computing
    • I'm interested in all aspects of "GPU-based" computing
    • If you have an idea for an interesting project in this area, using Nvidia's Cuda or the new standard parallel programming language OpenCL come and see me! There are some specific project ideas to do with porting Hidden Markov Models (HMMs) and Molecular Dynamics codes for drug docking and proteing folding to GPUs.
    • I'm also interested in simulating future GPUs with thousands of cores if you are interested in both writing simulators and in GPUs themselves

Many Core Processors

  • Visualise the Top 500
    • The Top500 records the 500 most powerful supercomputers in the world as a text (HTML) list
    • Can we create a visual version on the web that can be searched by country, vendor, year, ... ?
    • Combines web & location-based programming with something like Google Maps / Earth

A visual Top500
There are lots of other projects in HPC, energy efficient computing etc. Get in touch if you're interested. Most will be listed in the projects database for this year.

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