Dr. Daniel Page

Department of Computer Science
University of Bristol
Room 3.42a
Merchant Venturers Building
Woodland Road
Bristol, BS8 1UB
United Kingdom
Phone:     +44 (0)117 3315146
SMTP:     Daniel.Page@bristol.ac.uk
WWW:     http://www.cs.bris.ac.uk/home/page
PGP:     9961:7FC7:7602:913F:F9CA:FF95:990A:A930:4D74:848D

A long time ago I used to be a PhD student, focusing on (somewhat) novel micro-processor cache designs in collaboration with James Irwin within what was then called the Languages and Architecture group; my supervisors were David May and Henk Muller. Then I jumped ship, working as a a post-doctoral researcher in the Cryptography group with a focus on cryptographic hardware (from the perspective of efficiency and side-channel security); my supervisor was Nigel Smart. Now I'm a Lecturer affiliated to the Cryptography group ...

... I've got a non-University web-page which is (the occasional) home to non-University content.


Vacancies: Please note, I have no funds available to provide short-term summer internships to students or researchers from outside the UK; applications for all PhD positions should be made via the Departmental admissions procedure.

My current research focuses on challenges in cryptographic engineering and/or applied cryptography; in the main, this means the design and implementation (in hardware and/or software), and physical security (relating to both side-channel and fault attacks) of cryptographic primitives and arithmetic. I am also interested in the design of (general-purpose) processors, compilers, and programming languages. My previous work in these fields has included