Cryptography, An Introduction : Third Edition

The third edition is now online. You may make copies and distribute the copies of the book as you see fit, as long as it is clearly marked as having been authored by N.P. Smart.

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As of May 19th 2016 I will no longer be updating this book with corrections for this book. Readers should instead purchase the book Cryptography Made Simple.

Change Log April 2013 Minor correction in one of the attacks on RSA with a shared modulus. June 2012 Minor correction in section on oblivious transfer Nov 2011 One tiny spelling mistake corrected Nov 2011 One tiny spelling mistake corrected May 2011 Updated section on Enigma machine, added Paillier encryption as an example public key encryption scheme. Oct 2010 Minor typo corrected. Aug 2010 Minor typo corrected. May 2010 Minor spelling mistake corrected. Jan 2010 Two Minor typos in Chapter 23 and 26 corrected. May 2009 Minor subscript typo in Chapter 1 corrected. Apr 2009 Silly typo in Algorithm 10.1, and in the padding examples at the end of this section. Mar 2009 Minor typo corrected related to the permutation cipher example Jan 2009 Minor typo corrected Jan 2009 Minor spelling correction Dec 2008 Major update. New chapters and sections on the Lorenz cipher, secret sharing, multi-party computation. Reordering of some sections. Jan 2007 Expanded the discussion on security models for symmetric ciphers a little. Nov 2006 Added discussion on attacks on CBC-MAC without post-processing stages.

Nigel Smart