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Computational Learning Theory Slides

These are slides for the unit I taught in 2002. Most are closely based on: M. Anthony and N. Biggs. Computational Learning Theory. Cambridge University Press, 1997. ISBN 0-521-59922-9.

Week Subject (Chapter)
1 Concepts, Hypotheses, and Learning Algorithms (Ch.1)
2 Boolean Formulae and Represenations (Ch.2)
3 Inductive Bias
4 Probabilistic Learning (Ch.3)
5 Consistent Algorithms and Learnability (Ch. 4)
6 Efficient Learning I (Ch.5-6)
7 Efficient Learning II (Ch.5-6)
8 Efficient Learning III (Ch.5-6)
9 The VC Dimension (Ch.7)
10 The Mistake-Bound Model

Latex source is available on request.