Applying for Postgraduate Study in Bristol

Please see the following links.

To apply you must fill out the application form available above. Please send the forms to the address on the form, not to me.

MSc students

Unfortunately we do not have any funding for MSc students. You should apply before the end of June. It may be possible to accept you if you apply later but there are no guarantees.

PhD students

The University offers a very small number of scholarships for which you can compete. The details can be found from the links above. The department also has a very small number of scholarships. To be eligible for either you should apply before the end of February, and preferably earlier, in order to start in October. If you have your own funding then you can apply at any time.

Some things that may help you decide whether you really want to do a PhD:

The last is specifically aimed at people who are trying to find a PhD place. I've only skimmed it but it seems sensible.