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FDEP: a Program for Inducing Functional Dependencies from Relations


The program FDEP (v1.1) induces functional dependencies from a given input relation. The program includes three algorithms for computing functional dependencies from relations: a) simple top-down algorithm, b) bottom-up algorithm, and c) bi-directional algorithm.

Source code

FDEP is implemented in GNU C (version FDEP distribution contains the source code, man pages, and some example relations. The file README includes a short description of FDEP and instructions for the compilation of FDEP. The program has been tested on Pentium PC running LINUX. FDEP distribution includes also the executable version of FDEP for this platform. If you have any problems or suggestions related to FDEP, send an email to savnik@informatik.uni-freiburg.de.



Iztok Savnik and Peter A. Flach

Related work

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