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This message announces the new mailing list, which has been established to discuss matters related to Abductive and Inductive Reasoning. The fact that you receive this message means you're on this list. The initial membership (44 people) has been recruited from people with whom I exchanged emails regarding the ECAI'96 workshop on Abductive and Inductive Reasoning. Please send me ( a message if you want to be removed from the list. I will post a list of participants once the membership is relatively stable.

Note that replies go to the sender of the original message by default; if you want your reply to go to the list use "Reply to All".

The next mail contains a first draft of the workshop report prepared by Tony Kakas and me. Corrections/improvements/comments from workshop participants are sollicited. We aim at finalising the report within three weeks.

Hopefully this list will serve a useful purpose!
Best regards,

--Peter Flach

PS. The workshop's WWW pages at will remain in function (a major revamp is planned). What's new is a link to the slides John Josephson used during his invited talk (follow the "Contributed papers" link).