Program and registration


Seventh Belgian-Dutch Conference on Machine Learning

Tilburg University, October 21, 1997

Note: date differs from distributed CFP

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General information

BENELEARN is the annual conference on machine learning in Belgium and The Netherlands. This conference provides a forum for researchers to present their latest work and to exchange ideas.

Researchers and students in, or related to, the field of Machine Learning are invited to attend the seventh BENELEARN conference, to be held in Tilburg at Tilburg University on the 21st of October 1997. The conference is hosted by the Tilburg ILK programme (Induction of Linguistic Knowledge) and the Tilburg INFOLAB.

The official language of the conference is English.

Accepted papers will appear in the Proceedings of BENELEARN-97, which will be published by Tilburg University and handed out after registration.

Invited lecture

This year, the keynote lecture will be delivered by PIETER ADRIAANS (Syllogic). In addition there is an invited tutorial by STEPHAN TEN HAGEN and BEN KROESE.

Provisional programme

Conference location: the conference is held at the Tilburg University Campus (Tilburg West, Warandelaan 2): Rooms YZ3 and YZ4.
   09.00 - 09.55        registration/coffee
   09.55 - 10.00        opening address by dr. W. Daelemans
   10.00 - 11.00        invited tutorial on Reinforcement Learning by
                        Stephan ten Hagen and Ben Kr\"ose (University
                        of Amsterdam)
   11.00 - 12.00        invited lecture by Pieter Adriaans (Syllogic)
   12.00 - 13.30        lunch in the Tilbury restaurant (on campus) 
   13.30 - 13.55        Session 1 (plenary) 
   13.55 - 14.45        Session 2 and 3 (parallel)
   14.45 - 15.15        coffee
   15.15 - 16.55        Session 4 and 5 (parallel)
   16.55 - 17.00        workshop closing 
   17.00                drinks

Session programme


13.30 - 13.55:   
Floor Verdenius / Robert Engels (ATO-DLO, Wageningen / AIFB,
  A Process Model for Developing Applications


13.55 - 14.20: 
Stephan ten Hagen / Ben Kr\"ose (University of Amsterdam)
  Towards a Reactive Critic

14.20 - 14.45:
Fred Wan / Peter Braspenning (Maastricht University)
  State Identification in Dynamic Goal-State Learning Tasks


13.55 - 14.20: 
Jakub Zavrel (ILK, Tilburg University)
  An Empirical Re-Examination of Weighted Voting for k-NN

14.20 - 14.45:
Antal van den Bosch, Ton Weijters, Jaap van den Herik / Walter
Daelemans (Maastricht University / Tilburg University)
  When Small Disjuncts Abound, Try Lazy Learning


15.15 - 15.40:
Nienke den Haan (University of Amsterdam)
  Generating Normative Rules with ILP Techniques

15.40 - 16.05:
Luc Dehaspe (K.U. Leuven)
  Maximum Entropy Modeling with Clausal Constraints

16.05 - 16.30:
Shan-Hwei Nienhuys-Cheng (Erasmus University of Rotterdam)
  Data Mining: From Statistics to Inductive Logic Programming 

16.30 - 16.55:
Luc De Raedt / Hendrik Blockeel (K.U. Leuven)
  Using Logical Decision Trees for Clustering


15.15 - 15.40:
Patrick Njiwoua / Engelbert Mephu Nguifo (Universite d'Artois, Lens)
  Forwarding the Choice of Bias. LEGAL-F: Using Feature Selection to
  Reduce the Complexity of LEGAL

15.40 - 16.05:
J. J. Sarbo / J. I. Farkas (University of Nijmegen / J.A.T.E, Hungary)
  A data Representation for Abstract Reasoning

16.05 - 16.30:
Guy Mineau / Francois Gourdeau (Universite Laval, Quebec)
  A Genetic Algorithm for Inducing a Model of Attribute Value
  Prediction in Dynamic Systems

16.30 - 16.55:
Petri Kontkanen, Petri Myllym\"aki, Tomi Silander, Henry Tirri / Peter
Gr\"unwald (CoSCo, Helsinki / CWI, Amsterdam)
  Bayesian and Information-Theoretic Predictive Distributions for
  Bayesian Networks

Program committee

Walter Daelemans Tilburg University (chair)
Jan C. Bioch Erasmus University Rotterdam
Luc De Raedt Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
Peter Flach Tilburg University
Bernhard Manderick Free University Brussels
Maarten van Someren University of Amsterdam
Floor Verdenius ATO-DLO, Wageningen
Ton Weijters University of Limburg

Organising committee

Walter Daelemans, Peter Flach, Antal van den Bosch, Alice Kloosterhuis, Anne Adriaensen (Tilburg University)


The conference fee for BENELEARN-97 is DFL 110,- for non-student participants, and DFL 75,- for student participants. Registration includes participation, lunch, coffee/tea, and a copy of the BENELEARN-97 Proceedings.

Participants are kindly requested to send via email the registration form included below, to Walter Daelemans (

Participants are requested to pay the registration fee at the registration desk with cash or Eurocheque.


Participants who need accommodation information or information about how to reach the conference venue can contact Anne Adriaensen (

Further information

For questions, comments and information on registration please contact

     Walter Daelemans /
     ILK (Induction of Linguistic Knowledge)
     Computational Linguistics
     Tilburg University
     P.O. Box 90153
     5000 LE TILBURG
     voice:  +31 13 4663070
     fax:    +31 13 4663110

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