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Dr Elisabeth Oswald, Reader, EPSRC Leadership Fellow
Department of Computer Science
University of Bristol
Merchant Venturers Building
Woodland Road
United Kingdom


Elisabeth has joined University of Bristol as a lecturer in October 2006. Information about her current work can be found here at this site, and some other stuff is there. For information about the DPA book it is best to look at the website of the DPA book www.dpabook.org.

In her professional career, Elisabeth has mainly worked on power analysis attacks. In addition, she has contributed to the areas of efficient implementations of ciphers and cryptanalysis of hash functions. In recent years, she has served on the program committees of conferences such as CHES, FSE, ASIACRYPT and CT-RSA.

In 2007, Elisabeth was the general chair of CHES 2007 (IACR's flagship workshop on cryptographic hardware). In 2008, Elisabeth had the honor of being CHES's program co-chair (together with Pankaj Rohatgi).

Between April 2008 until April 2011, Elisabeth was PI of the EPSRC funded project called "Investigation of Power Analysis Attacks". Further information about this project and its research outcomes is available here.

In 2010 Elisabeth was awarded an EPSRC Leadership Fellowship for her research into side channel analysis. After coming back from maternity leave in January 2011, Elisabeth is now no longer involved teaching but concentrates on her Fellowship entitled SILENT: Side Channel Attacks - Theory and Implications for Society.

In 2013 and 2014 Elisabeth serves as program co-chair of Eurocrypt one of the flagship conferences in cryptography.

Can any prospective PhD students please NOT send me their entire CVs etc. per email but apply via the University systems. I cannot consider any application via email anyway.

Google Scholar very helpfully shows my publication profile here.

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