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Homepage of Kerstin I. Eder

Homepage of Kerstin I. Eder

I am a Reader in Design Automation and Verification at the University of Bristol. I normally teach the 3rd year Design Verification unit. I now also teach logic and proof in our new Mathematics for Computer Science unit

Two of my research projects have recently been in the news!

New Initiatives in my Research: In November 2011 I initiated an application to the Institute for Advanced Studies to set up a series of workshops on Safe and Trustworthy Autonomous Assisitve Robots (STAARs). This application has been successful! The STAARs initiative will therefore kick-start shortly with a series of 3 funded workshops.

In January 2011 I initiated an application to the Institute for Advanced Studies to set up a series of workshops on Energy-Aware COmputing (EACO). This application was successful. There is now an EACO workshop series. NEWThe next EACO workshop will be on 14-16 September 2015.

Between October 2010 and September 2011 I've been sponsored by the Royal Academy of Engineering to work with the engineers at Xmos. I explored power-aware design techniques from silicon to software. This motivated me to set up the EACO initiative.

Research: My research activities are focused on specification, verification and analysis techniques which allow designers to define a design and to verify/explore its behaviour in terms of functional correctness, performance, power consumption and energy efficiency. My work includes both formal methods and state-of-the-art simulation/test-based approaches. I have a strong background in computational logic, especially formal verification, declarative programming, abstract machines, compilation techniques and meta programming.

I've initiated new research that explores linking on-chip power consumption to application software, effectively developing methods for power profiling from silicon to software.
NEWThe funding from the new ENTRA project (Whole Systems Energy Transparency - EC funded project under FP7 FET MINECC) enables research into advanced analysis methods to support the development of energy efficient embedded systems.

I am also active at the Bristol Robotics Lab advancing the state of the art in verification of autonomous intelligent systems, including robots directly involved in interactions with humans.
NEWThe 5 year EPSRC project RIVERAS aims to develop techniques and methodologies that can be used to design autonomous intelligent systems that are verifiably trustworthy. Within RIVERAS we will explore novel flexible specifications that capture the uncertainty an autonomous intelligent system has to cope with. We will also investigate the verification of adaptive control algorithms.

An area of ongoing research is the application of machine learning techniques to automate the parts within the simulation-based verification process that consume large amounts of engineering time, such as test generation and debug.

I am a member of the "u (micro)" research group and lead the "Verification and validation for safety in robots" Theme at the Bristol Robotics Lab. I work closely with local and international microelectronic design and verification teams and leading EDA companies. Our now well established EngD Centre in Systems Engineering provides a platform for industrial collaboration in this context.

Teaching: I teach leading edge Design Verification techniques and methods using industrial strength tools including both state-of-the-art coverage-driven simulation/test-based verification and formal verification. You may want to watch an interview I gave at DAC 2012 in San Francisco on the content of the Design Verification unit.
Since 2007 Bristol has been selected as lead university to head the Cadence Academic Network in the area of Advanced Verification Methodology. (local CAN info)

In collaboration with a consortium of local microelectronic design companies I have initiated the introduction of the MSc in Advanced Microelectronic Systems Engineering in 2006. I have been the Director of this MSc programme until 2010. The programme is now one of our established Advanced MSc programmes; it attracts excellent students and provides qualified graduates for the local and international microelectronics design industry.

"Spare" Time: (Really, there is none!) Since December 2003, my favourite "hobbies" are my daughter Lena and my son Carl. We enjoy being active. Some of our favourite occupations are swimming (yes, teaching kids swimming is a lot of fun), cycling, winter sports, drawing and sticking, travelling, making music and taking photographs. We also like playing the game of Set - great fun. I come from Zwickau and Dresden in Germany, and have lived in Bristol since Summer 1995.

You can contact me by email, phone or post. Here are the addresses and numbers.


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