David May's Running Page

I am a keen runner, and can sometimes be seen training at lunch time leaving from the Merchant Venturers Building. I have run in cross-country, 10K, 10Mile and half-marathon races - and have also done some marathons.

My best times are
Marathon: 3:15 (London 1999)
Half Marathon: 1:29 (Bath 1999)
10 Miles: 0:67
10K: 0:42
I train about 20-30 miles per week and sometimes run in local races at the weekend. These days I mainly do Multi-terrain and X-Country events. If you know of any interesting races within reach of Bristol (less than 30 miles) please let me know. Especially anything with hills, trails, fields, mud, streams ...

I also enjoy weight-training and work out two or three times a week.

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