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Bungee Jumping

The World's Highest
Jump, Bloukrans, S.A.

I actually did the jump at the beginning of January 2000.

It was scary I can tell you but I definately recommend it if you are mad enough. The adrenaline rush was amasing - you just can't explain it. It takes 4 seconds before the bungee even comes into effect - enough time to get the feeling of falling with nothing to stop you! Then before you know it you are being flung back up towards the bridge. The second fall is still higher than any other bungee jump in the world - approximatley 180m!!!

That was my second bungee jump - the first, December 1998, being 111m off the bridge at Victoria Falls - what a view!!! This was the highest bungee jump in the world when I did it until they built the Bloukrans jump. So now I'm waiting for the to build an even higher one!!

The Victoria Falls Bungee Jump


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