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Homepage of Tilo Burghardt

Administrative Roles

Director of CS First
and Second Year
(shared with Nick Wu)
Personal Tutor
Project Supervisor

PhD (Bristol), MSc (Bristol), Bakk Medien-Inf (Dresden)

Teaching (Current term 2017/18)

COMS30121: Image Processing & Computer Vision (unit director)
COMSM0018: Applied Deep Learning (lecturer)
COMS30400: Group Project (unit director)
COMS20001: Concurrent Computing (unit director)
COMS10009: Object-Oriented Programming (unit director)
COMSM0111: MEng Final Year Project (Supervisor, Reviewer)
COMS30500: BSc Final Year Project (Supervisor, Reviewer)
COMSM2202: Research Skills (Supervisor, Reviewer)
COMSM3100: MSc Advanced Project (Supervisor, Reviewer)
COMSM3201: MSc Project Computer Science (Supervisor, Reviewer)

Previously Taught

COMS10001: Programming & Algorithms 2 (unit director)
COMS10004: Programming & Algorithms 2A (unit director)
COMS12800: Introduction to C++ (unit director)
COMS20600: Concurrency (unit director)
COMS22201: Language Engineering
EMATM0009: Complexity in Engineering and Science

Research Interest

Applied Computer Vision, Animal Biometrics, Natural Patterns


Office 3.42, MVB
Woodland Road
Clifton BS8 1UB

+44 (0) 117 954 5298
tilo (at)

SAFE, BB, Forums, Tutorials: Y1, Y2, Linux, TT, Pure, Proactis, fEC, Google, Cal, GM

Shark FinID Paper New Deep Learning Unit DrivenData Competition Bristol VR Lab to Open

Paper on Fin Identification of Great White Sharks in Int. Journal of Computer Vision

New for CS MEng Students:
Applied Deep Learning Unit for 2017/18

Species Detection Challenge:
Win 12k by deep learning on camera trap footage

3rd Year Games Project students to have access to a new Virtual Reality Lab
SPHERE Project IET Computer Vision SI VWM Workshop at ICCV17 Calorie-count from RGB-D

The SPHERE Project has been named a World Technology Award Winner

Special IET CV Journal Issue:
Computer Vision for Animal Biometrics

1st International Workshop on Visual Wildlife Monitoring to run at ICCV2017!

Calorie-expenditure prediction from RGB-D vision, part of SPHERE
Fin Recognition Research Dagstuhl Seminar

SoS Foundation adopts SharkID research for free online identification project

Dagstuhl Seminar:
Ecology meets Computer Science


Dr Tilo Burghardt's research focuses on applied computer vision and animal biometrics. His interests include the robust visual detection and identification in unconstrained environments. He contributed to establishing Visual Animal Biometrics as an emerging cross-discipline routed in computer vision. Burghardt's enthusiasm for computer science and vision is reflected in his dedication to teaching the subject.

Burghardt graduated with Distinction in Media Computing (Bakk. Medien-Inf.) at Dresden University of Technology (Germany). Subsequently, he received an MSc in Advanced Computing and PhD in Computer Vision from the University of Bristol (UK). After initial post-doctoral research at the School of Physics, he was awarded a Fellowship of the Research Councils UK and then became employed as a Lecturer (2012-2017) and then Senior Lecturer (2017-present) at the Visual Information Laboratory and the Intelligent Systems Laboratory at the University of Bristol.

Burghardt is a member of the British Machine Vision Association (BMVA) and the German Academic Foundation (Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes). He is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (HEA). Burghardt has been a local organizer for the 23rd European Conference of Machine Learning 2012 (ECML-PKDD) and the 8th International Penguin Conference 2013 (IPC8). He has been a chair of the 24th British Machine Vision Conference (BMVC2013).

Current Research Students:

  • William Andrew (PhD student)

Research Student Alumni:

  • Luke Palmer (MSc by Research 2014)
  • Roz Sandwell (PhD 2015)
  • Ben Hughes (PhD 2016)

Current Final Year Student Projects:

    Deep Learning for the Identification of Individual Manta Rays, (TC, MEng)
    A Deep Learning Application for Classifying Marine Calcareous Microfossils, (AM, BSc)
    Individual Elephant Identification using DNN Biometrics, (TA, BSc)
    Style Transfer via Cycle Loss using Deep Neural Networks, (AG, MSc)
    Whiteboard2Website: Interactive Digital Visual Content Generation Tool, (AR, BSc)
    Great Ape Detection by Motion Signature using CNNs, (MSc)
    CNN-based 3D Key Reconstruction from Photography, (RS, MEng)
    From Spider Web Photos to Spider Web Simulations, with H Hauser, (AS, MSc)

Some Former Final Year Student Projects:

    Ecological Prediction using Deconvolutional and Convolutional Neural Nets
    Iris Recognition using Low-cost Portable Devices
    Elephant Facial Biometrics using Convolutional Neural Networks
    Automatic Visual Detection of Speech and Pausing in Testimony Videos
    Classifying Marine Calcareous Microfossils
    Evaluating CNN Models for Animal Detection in Mobile Vision Applications
    Detecting Gorillas in Natural Images using CNNs
    LoD for Elephant-part Recognition using Hierarchical DPBMs
    CatIdentifier: Which cat is in the Photo?
    Music Score Interpretation from Sketches using a Native Mobile Platform
    Mammography Interpretation Tool using Computer Vision
    Insect Species Recognition via Combined Local and Global Features
    Enhancing AR Museum Guides Using Markerless Tracking and 3D Model Generation in a Web-Browser
    Visual Identification and Comparison of Bristol graffiti
    Object Specific Haar-like Features for Fast and Accurate Shark Fin Detection
    Salient Object Detection for Navigation of Mars-like Environments
W Andrew, C Greatwood, T Burghardt. Deep Learning for Exploration and Recovery of Uncharted and Dynamic Targets from UAV-like Vision. (in press) 31st IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), 2018.
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